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  • Along the Trails of the Armenian Orphans

    The Armenian Museum of America proudly presents its new exhibit "Along the Trails of the Armenian Orphans" from March 29 - May 17, 2015. This historic collection first premiered at the National Gallery of Armenia in Yerevan in May 2013 in a jointly sponsored program between Naregatsi Art Institute, Near East Foundation and the U.S. Embassy of Armenia.


Since 2006, Naregatsi's center in Shushi has brought hope and inspiration to many children annually. In addition to teaching them traditional arts such as embroidery, miniature painting and wood engraving, we also offer classes in poetry, photography, music, dance, theatre, and foreign languages.


The Naregatsi Ensemble inspires your relationship with Armenia’s ancient heritage through music by bridging the past and present to cultivate the future. Since 2008, it has toured across Europe and throughout Armenia. Join them on their journey around the world and enable the preservation of one of the world’s oldest cultures.


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