Arthour Meschyan & Vahan, 1989


Born in Yerevan, Armenia, Dec. 5 , 1965.

Vahan Artsruni first came to attention in 1984 in the band of a legendary Armenian minstrel and rock musician Arthur Meschian. Working with Meschian shaped his taste and style, enabling him to develop various forms of Art Rock.


Meschyan’s band, 1984


Meschyan’s band, 1996


Before his musical career, he graduated the Yerevan State Medical Institute and got his Master's Degree in 1991.
Soon after Vahan entered the Yerevan State Conservatory in 1995 majoring in vocal with the great Armenian singer Gohar Gasparian. Subsequently, he was soloing with "Narek" Male Choir from 1989 to 1994 and in 1993-1994 at the State Academic Cappella of Armenia and "Haysmavourk" Medieval Choir.

first “group”,1983
Armen Ananyan, Vahan & Gourgen Melikyan


“NAREK” choir, 1993


first recording
at the “Gurgen’s studio”, 1991


From 1994-1996 as the Artistic Director he organized four “GAUDEAMUS” Music Festivals.

“GAU-Music 5” festival, 1994

“GAU III” festival, 1995


 in the Army

Upon his return from the Army in 1997, having collected huge material, he gave concerts with the Armenian National Symphonyc Orchestra representing his instrumental cycle "ETHNOPHONICA”, a suite, at the Aram Khachaturian Big Concert Hall.

Concert in the Aram Khachaturyan Big Concert Hall, 2000



In 1999 he presented a chamber cycle "Komitas. Ten Revelations” having composed the music based on the poetry of the great Armenian composer and ethnomusicologist Komitas Vardapet.
1999-2002 were very prolific for Vahan. He made numerous concerts participating in various projects. Naregatsi Chamber Orchestra and “SHOGHAKAT” choir performed his chamber music.


Concert in the Komitas Chamber Music Hall, 2000  


In the year 2000 Vahan created a progressive music band called ARTSRUNI. With the graceful melodia of the flute, elegant guitars, solid bass and drums ...


LIVE on Armenian National TV Channel, 2002


As Vahan Artsruni
"Prologue." 1991 (Cassette)
Rouben Hakhverdyan, Lilit Pipoyan and Vahan Artsruni, 1991 (Cassette)

"The Spirit of War." Videofilm,1996 (Soundtrack)
"Idea Fix." Videofilm,1997(Soundtrack)

"THIS IS OUR MOTHERLAND." 1998 (CD and cassette)
“ARMENIA” - 2001 (P-CD), Australia
“ETHNOPHONICA” - 2002 (CD), Armenia
“KOMITAS. TEN REVELATIONS ” - 2002 (CD) , Armenia, USA

As ARTSRUNI progressive music band

“Live Cuts” - 2002 (CD), France
“CRUZAID”- 2002 (CD), France
“That’s all LIVE” - 2002 (CD), Armenia


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